Great Foundations Denmark
May 11, 2020

Denmark to trial new models for financial wellbeing

The Denmark Community Foundation (DCF) is excited to announce it is among 10 Community Foundations from around Australia (and the only one in WA) to receive $100,000 from the Ecstra Foundation to create and scale initiatives which address issues of financial exclusion and economic equality.

DCF, with the support of the Denmark CRC, is preparing a series of workshops aimed at improving the financial literacy and capability of local residents across various age groups e.g. managing superannuation for young people, preparation for retirement, understanding tax and budgeting, low cost cooking, sewing, mending and repair, house and car maintenance, grow your own food etc. 

The Foundation will work collaboratively with other organisations to develop a community map that reflects services, key stakeholders, needs and financial issues for individuals, families and businesses. This grant will also support a project manager to coordinate community initiatives to advance the financial sustainability of Denmark residents.

Stay tuned for updates!