Heart Felt Donation
August 29, 2018

Two new OMRON home monitoring, portable ECG devices have been donated to Denmark Medical Centre and Dr Jane James’s Surgery by the Denmark Community Foundation (WA) Inc., through funds accessed from the Don Brandenburg Trust. The monitors digitally sense the heart waveform and can be carried and used anywhere, improving the scope and ease of use for both practitioners and patients.

Dr Hector Faulkner takes an Omron unit for a test drive

Doctors Hector Faulkner and Brett Lamb flagged the need for these devices to improve out of surgery care for patients and Dr Faulkner, Don Brandenburg’s GP noted that “Don had a real interest in everyone maintaining good heart health and was very supportive of using innovative technology to maximise heart health.”

We acknowledge Don Brandenburg’s generous foresight in bequeathing funds to assist others”, said Dr Gill Sellar (DCF Chairperson).  “Imagine what a difference we could make if more people in our community were able to leave something in their will, like Don, or make a ‘living donation’ to the Foundation to help here at home?”

Dr Brett Lamb

As a not-for-profit, registered charitable organisation providing a perpetual and growing source of money to meet the existing and emerging needs of Denmark is at the heart of DCF’s agenda.

The Denmark Community Foundation supports local community wellbeing, opportunities for youth and seniors through donations, bequests and fundraising. As a not-for-profit organisation DCF is also able to auspice grants and funds raised through fundraising events for other community groups and individuals, towards the future good of our community.